Acacia Evolution. The future of toilets 

The american standard Acacia Evolution is packed with the most cutting edge technologies in the sanitary ware industry to date, which is why we think this is probably the best toilet that you can buy today.


The Revolutionary Double Vortex, Rimless Flush

Water flows out forcefully from only 2 water openings, creating a powerful whirlpool action that cleans the bowl completely. With only 2 water openings, there are no water stains around the many water openings of a traditional wash down toilet.

Proguard Technology

Proguard is a glaze that prevents silica buildup on the ceramic bowl. This helps the toilet to effectively flush away all stains, and prevents them from adhering onto the surface. Water simply slides down the bowl !

Anti Bacterial Technology

The entire toilet, including the toilet seat and the flush button is infused with a permanent anti bacterial treatment that cannot be removed by household detergents, giving you a lifetime of hygiene protection.

American standard is the first to meet the Japanese Industrial Standard (JIS) for anti bacterial criterion on the push button and the seat cover. The anti bacterial protection on the ceramic surface has also been certified by the Industrial Microbiological Service Ltd (IMSL) in UK