FIMA Carlo Frattini


FIMA Carlo Frattini is a reference company in the Made in Italy taps industry, a sector in which it has been operating for over fifty years. The Company’s identity is clearly expressed also by an extremely stylish bathroom collection - a perfect blend between rigorous design and contemporary trends, between technology and craftsmanship, capable of creating products that stand out for their well-defined technical features as well as their bright personality and unique style. Everything stems from the strong awareness that quality is the result of innovation and design applied to limited production, in which even the tiniest detail of every single piece is carefully examined and perfected.



Best materials and cutting-edge technologies as a guarantee for an everyday use unchanging over
time. FIMA Carlo Frattini follows a global approach to quality coming from a particular attention to technology innovation, by adopting cutting-edge industrial processes, choosing the best  raw materials. Detailed strict controls are carried out on all the products in every production phase and all the items are designed in order to respect the most stringent international regulations.












One-of-a-kind products, designed to maximize the comfort in use with an unmistakable hint of Made in Italy. The Company, firmly confident of the power of creativity, design, and new technologies, has developed over the years innovative and ever-changing traits. This approach has led it to interpret and anticipate the current and future market needs, by proposing state-of-the-art products in terms of design and technology. Designed to maximize the comfort in use and characterised by a unique style, all the items are designed by well-known designers.  


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