Solid Surface Bathtubs

About YUUBATH Solid Surfaces

Durable | Easy Clean | Water Proof | Smooth & Warm Surfaces

Solid Surfaces is a material consisting of vacuum-treated Polyester and Aluminum Trihydrate which is a homogenous composite, that can be casted into nearly any form or size, and with large variations in colors and structures. The solid surfaces products have exclusive and fine luster that often surpasses the Ceramics or Acrylic/ABS made bathrooms products. Especially, the high-end surfaces give you a warm and smooth feeling.

Other characteristics also include the high dimensional accuracy and joint-free (seamless) that can prevent dirt between basins and surrounding surfaces. This can also be moulded in different colour combinations. Most importantly, the products are easy to be cleaned and polished in maintenance. If there is any scratch and crack, it can be repaired easily.

The products are also mechanically strong, tested and approved in accordance with both European (CE) and American Standards (CUPC).

Composition of YUUBATH Solid Surfaces

38% of Polyester + 60% of Aluminium Trihydrates (ATH) + Catalyst (Cobalt Water) + Hardener (MEK) + Pigment + MMA