Plan and order your bathtub early to avoid disappointment! Our built-in bathtubs sells out super fast. Please check with us before ordering!
Plan and order your bathtub early to avoid disappointment! Our built-in bathtubs sells out super fast. Please check with us before ordering!
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Technology on its own is not inevitably synonym of Luxury. History, Quality, Refinement, and Exclusivity are fundamental values for Stella.



At the close of the 19th Century, with the Second industrial revolution shaping the United States and the countries of Europe, industrial enterprise became the leading force in Italian economic life following the country’s unification.
In 1882 Pietro Stella began the slow process of industrialisation towards an organised company model, one characterised by technological product expertise and focused on developing partnerships with major industrial firms.

As such, in that very year, on Lake Orta or in Cireggio to be more precise, the Stella company was born, specialising in the production of articles in bronze: candlesticks, pasta cutters, corkscrews and taps. All these products were linked by innovative thinking, a meticulous attention-to-detail and immense physical beauty, almost like small ‘jewels’ or ‘works of art’ in terms of national and European production. 
A striking example from this period was the use of one of the first Stella taps within the fuel feed circuit of the Fiat Zero, the first model from the Turin-based company to achieve sales in excess of 2000 vehicles. This faucet orientated technical know-how, combined with the historical-industrial evolution of Italy taking place at the turn of the century, led to the company concentrating its efforts on the production of bathroom taps in the years immediately thereafter.


In the 1920's, when the first complete collection was introduced, Italica (1923), Roma (1926), Eccelsa (1929) series, the company was one of the world’s leading producers. Right from these earliest creations, Stella has brought out such innovative and attractive collections that they are still market favourites today. In fact, the Italica and Roma are so popular that both are still the most imitated in the world!

Bronze is a metal that has been prized throughout history. It
was used in ancient Rome to construct aqueducts and for the
valves in lead pipes.
Archaeological finds prove that even after two thousand years,
bronze retains its ductility and corrosion-resistance. This is
why Stella is the only Italian faucet-maker that still uses bronze
castings for parts used behind the wall, guaranteeing they will
last forever. 


Within the Production processes, craftsmanship has always
countersigned the History of Stella

The little badges that indicate hot and cold, mounted on the knobs of the taps in the Eccelsa series are hot-enameled with a guilloché base by a renowned company in Valenza, exactly as the originals from the 1920's were.

Guilloché is an engraving technique in which a very precise intricate repetitive pattern or design is mechanically etched into an underlying material with very fine detail. Such craftsmanship is now usually applied in expensive timepieces, expensive pens and jewelries.



"What others consider ready for chrome-plating, we call it a rough piece"

Stella finishes are renowned for their exceptional quality, which is achieved only after a long preparation process. When others start chrome-plating, we have only just begun. Precision cleaning and polishing eliminates any defects and particles from the surface of each piece, ensuring perfect adhesion of the final coating.

Before the chrome-plating, brass-plating, silver- or gold-plating process begins, a special traditional treatment, reintroduced by Stella, is carried out. This process (one of Stella’s secrets) gives the chrome plating a warmer look and over time forms a patina that softens the shapes.


Stella gold plating is 23.5 carat. It is at least twice as thick as the market average, but it can be up to ten times that amount. As well as being a precious finish, it is also extremely reliable and long-lasting.
The silver plating has a minimum thickness of 10 microns of pure silver. Its special sparkle gives the surface of the taps an absolutely unique look.
A titanium oxide vacuum deposit (PVD), available for some series or upon request, makes finishes extremely resistant, protecting them against reaction to aggressive chemicals whilst maintaining colours and aesthetic features for many years, offering consistency in finish, even for spare parts and replacements.


"Stella is the world’s finest hotels’ extra star"

For the sophisticated guests of the world’s top hotels, the bathroom needs to be the purest expression of beauty, luxury and intimacy.
For the directors of these hotels, the taps need to be reliable, solid and functional. This is what has made Stella a historic partner of the top international hospitality sector. One need only look through the list of grand hotels – whether historic or contemporary – that have chosen Stella to see what levels the company has reached in one of the most competitive of all sectors. 






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