Warranty Information

Purchasing at Yuubath is Very Safe ! 

Manufacturer warranty – guaranteed!

Many manufacturers grant you a manufacturer's warranty, which of course also applies when purchasing at Yuubath. You therefore have the same guarantee as if you were purchasing the goods directly from the manufacturer. 

Limited Warranty effectively means:

- First year includes parts and services

- Subsequent years (as provided by manufacturer) includes parts only. Labor and transportation charges will apply after the 1st year



The warranty is for products meant for normal residential domestic usage only.
The warranty does not cover:

  • Normal wear and tear;
  • Corrosion due to usage of cleaning liquid and/or acidic liquid that caused chemical reactions to the product;
  • Effects of hard water;
  • Damage due to inadequate flushing of system;
  • Damage caused by excessive incoming water pressure;
  • Damage to finishes by adhesives & sealants etc;
  • Small particulates remaining in existing pipes;
  • Any damages resulting from misuse, abuse or neglect;
  • If the product is used outdoors.

The warranty will cease if:

  • No sales invoice as proof of purchase;
  • Accidental damage;
  • Installation, maintenance, repair or servicing by non-qualified persons;
  • Products not installed according to relevant local standards and regulations;
  • Fitting of other devices to the product;
  • Products used for incorrect applications;
  • Insufficient or improper maintenance;
  • Unauthorised alterations or modifications.



We carefully check each shipment for quality and completeness. If something should be wrong with an item and it is already defective upon delivery, please contact us immediately at hello@yuubath.com


5 Year Limited Warranty  - except colour fittings

NOBILI  2 Year Limited Warranty
SCARABEO 2 Year Limited Warranty
STELLA 2 Year Limited Warranty
BRAVAT 2 Year Limited Warranty


2 Year Limited Warranty


2 Year Limited Warranty