Plan and order your bathtub early to avoid disappointment! Our built-in bathtubs sells out super fast. Please check with us before ordering!
Plan and order your bathtub early to avoid disappointment! Our built-in bathtubs sells out super fast. Please check with us before ordering!
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Black and White Bathroom Design Ideas

You can never go wrong with this tried-and-tested colour combo for your bathroom. 

 Black and white are timeless options. These two colours never fail to uplift the aesthetics of a place. You can really never go wrong with black and white. A black and white palette has a special and enduring glamour that dresses up any bathroom. It’s versatile. Over the years, you can add new elements to a black and white base—one new plant, painting, or sculpture can refresh the entire look.

Here we would like to share with you one of our recent completed cool monochromatic bathroom for your design inspiration. 


Pick a Pattern

Tiles with geometric patterns are the rage nowadays. You can easily achieve a black and white bathroom by having checkboard floor, as designed by the architect of this project in the east side of Singapore. You can choose smaller sized tiles if the bathroom is small.

 Photo by Yuubath

Mosaic tiles have always been popular but its usage have somewhat been mostly as feature wall in the bathroom. 

The bona fides of using mosaic tile floors are many: they’re classic, they’re beautiful, they work with almost any style of bathroom. Unlike many of the tile trends of recent years, they’re relatively  affordable, and, as time has already shown, they last practically forever. 

This mosaic tile floor (in a black and white basketweave pattern) is just right for this modern bathroom with a bit of a vintage twist. 

 Photo from Instagram


Choose Classy

 As black absorbs light and white reflects light, these two are a perfect combination for a classy and contemporary space. If black wall is too much for you, choose a white glazed high-gloss ceramic tiles. That's what the architect did for this bathroom. 

 Photo by Yuubath

By far one of the most popular choice would be the subway tiles. Is it a tad common?

 Photos from Instagram


Looking sharp

What makes black and white even more sleek? Complete the look with good quality matt black fittings of course! Featured in this bathroom is black fittings and white wares from Bravat. This 700mm basin is perfect for its size and soft shape. The aesthetics is further enhanced by pairing a matte black tall basin mixer, both from Bravat. Note the harmonious geometry, where the water will land right in the middle of the basin. 

  Photo by Yuubath


Remember to extend the matte black theme to all the shower fittings and accessories too!

You can further pursue the black and white scheme by adding black decors and furnishings such as mirrors, lightings, and classic-looking black and white photos.


If you need advice on how to achieve the black and white theme, talk to us at   


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