JUNE 2024 : ECO series (All sizes) is SOLD-OUT! Plan and order your bathtub early to avoid disappointment! Our built-in bathtubs sells out super fast. Please check with us before ordering!
JUNE 2024 : ECO series (All sizes) is SOLD-OUT! Plan and order your bathtub early to avoid disappointment! Our built-in bathtubs sells out super fast. Please check with us before ordering!
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What is Bathroom Accessories, and how many types are there?

The bathroom is an essential part of any building. Nowadays bathrooms are often given the highest priority in a home, along with the kitchen, and its design needs to be done carefully. 

Bathroom accessories are often overlooked in the initial stages of planning and design. However, they play an important role in any bathroom space – both in how they make the space more usable, as well as how they add to the overall comfort of the user. 

Consequently, these accessories are everyday objects that must be practical, functional, easy-to-use, yet sturdy at the same time; not forgetting aesthetically attractive and satisfying. Hence, they require our attention and time during the planning stage of our bathroom, considering the vast selection of products offered on the market.



Accessories of different styles and materials are available to furnish every type of bathroom, from the traditional classic style up to the most modern and innovative ones. The materials can be very diverse and range from the most commonly used brass, to stainless steel to aluminum. Now, the world is talking about sustainability. So you will be glad to know that all the above-mentioned materials are 100% recyclable! 

Here is a list of must-haves bathroom accessories that would not only add a wow factor to your bath space but also make it more functional:

Toothbrush Holder

George F. Whiting of Massachusetts registered the first patent for the toothbrush holder in 1894, and the rest is history. Toothbrush holders come in designs that are not only practical but act as an accent piece that ties together a bathroom’s décor. It is usually fixed to the wall. 


Towel Bar / Rail

A towel rail is more beneficial than a hook or rack with pegs because it provides ample room for a towel to hang fully extended and allowing excellent airflow. Commonly available in widths of 600mm up to 800mm, it can accommodate any standard-sized towel. Towel rail should be installed wherever you exit the shower or even in the shower enclosure if it is big. 



Robe Hooks

A set of robe hooks is an ingenious accessory that allows you to keep your clothes and hand towel organized, and within an arm’s reach. Available in single, double and even multiple (see photo below), robe hook is a must-have in the bathroom. 



Toilet Paper Holder

Also known as the toilet roll holder, it was invented as a practical solution and is available in various styles to suit aesthetic taste. Remember those white ceramic types commonly seen back in the 80s'? It can still be found today if you know where to look! (read: ask me!) Toilet paper holders range from wall-mounted pieces to fancy floor-standing ones that also combined with a toilet brush. (see photo below) 



Soap Holder / Dish

Who still use soap bar these days, you may ask. Yes! And my father is one of them! Almost all hotels still provide soap bar in the rooms too! Hence, the soap dish or soap holder is a must-have bathroom accessory for anyone who adores using soap bars. There is plenty of versatility and room to display distinct and unique aesthetic taste with soap holders made from wood, ceramic, steel, or glass.  




Towel Ring

Towel ring is used to hang a face or hand towel and is generally located near the washbasin. 



And then there are more, toilet brush holder, soap dispenser, glass shelf, tissue box, just to name a few more. The list of accessories featured here are the essential must-have for today's bathroom. 

Whatever decision you make, the sectional market offers a wide range of accessories in unique styles of various colours, shapes and sizes.

If you need advice on what to buy or where to install the accessories, feel free to ask me!  

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